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Variations On A Theme

For the last few years there is a project i’ve been working on. It’s rare that I get an opportunity to shoot for it, but when the chance does come along I throw myself into it. Honestly the project is so sparsely on my mind that it lacks a name. It revolves around the idea of spaces in transition. It’s not your run of the mill abandoned places stuff. They are buildings that hold a place in history that are undergoing a massive liquidation or reconstruction to become something else.

As I was editing the photos from a recent shoot for the project I kept noticing that some of the photos looked similar to those from the last time I shot for the project in late 2007 at the Watergate Hotel. This being the kind of thing that blogs live for… here’s a grouping of the images that really struck me.

PDN Photo Of The Day

Yesterday a photo of mine was selected to appear on the Photo District News Photo Of The Day Blog. The photo is from a series I did two years as the contents of the Watergate Hotel were sold off room by room to the public prior to a planned renovation. Last week the hotel was sold at auction because the owners could no longer afford the renovations or the property itself because of the economic downturn. You can see the full series on my website [here].