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All Rise!

Hey Hey Boys and Girls!

Art Raffle!

What could be better than art and gambling? You’re right, nothing.

The fine leaders of the Project Dispatch art collective that I’m a part of have organized an art raffle. Stop by, take a look at the work of all of the fine folks that are a part of the project.

And You Thought Your Job Has Variety

Working for a small agency means that I have to be able to work in a variety of situations with a wide range of subjects. Yesterday was a great example of that range. I started the day with three Presidents and ended it with a red carpet for the BET Honors.

Could All Of The Bank CEO’s In The Room Please Raise Their Hands

Dear Post Office, I Missed You Pt. 2

Dear Post Office, I Missed You Pt. 1

Its been a little while since I’ve ventured out to some Post Offices. Life and the holidays have kept me busy and away. But a recent road trip and some late night driving took me past a number of them. So, here is the first of a two part return to the Post Office.