Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Historical Hero

On July 12 U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry was awarded the Medal Of Honor. He is the second living, active duty service member to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. There has not been two living recipients of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam war. Petry was awarded the medal for his actions in protecting his squad during a raid in Afghanistan in 2008 where he lost his hand picking up a live grenade thrown at his men and throwing it away just before it exploded.

Oh Yeah, I Have A Blog

It’s been a very busy last few months in the corporate and news photography worlds for me. It seems in that I completely forgot to update my blog. So, here’s a good mix of stuff and things from the news side. You know, the usual President, Congressional Hearings, Women in lettuce bikini’s serving vegan hot dogs and people coping with 100 plus degree weather.