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Loring Wrap Up

Here’s the last bit from my Cold War adventure to Loring Air Force Base. These photos are from some of the surrounding installations around the base that were radar or missile sites.

And Panic Ensued

Today Washington, D.C., caught the tail end of a 5.8 earthquake that hit central Virginia. Naturally the local news was flooded with breathless reporting of chaos, cracked bricks and things that fell of shelves. Being downtown at the time with a camera I decided to capture the panic…

This guy brought a book:

This lady wore a hard hat:

And these people stood in a group with a flag:

As you can clearly see, total chaos took over the city.

The Nuke Houses

Here’s a few photos from the Loring Air Force Base Weapons Storage Area. After the base was closed it was turned into a nature preserve along with a lot of the woodlands around it. Prior to that it housed conventional and nuclear weapons for nearly 40 years.

Loring Air Force Base: Cold War Style

I recently took a trip up to Maine to photograph the abandoned Loring Air Force Base. The base was closed in the mid 90’s and prior to its closing it was the largest Strategic Air Command base in the country. If for some we reason we had decided to nuke Moscow, the bombers that would have done the deed would have taken off from Loring. Here’s some photos from around whats left of the base itself. My next post will be from the Weapons Storage Area.