Loring Air Force Base: Cold War Style

I recently took a trip up to Maine to photograph the abandoned Loring Air Force Base. The base was closed in the mid 90’s and prior to its closing it was the largest Strategic Air Command base in the country. If for some we reason we had decided to nuke Moscow, the bombers that would have done the deed would have taken off from Loring. Here’s some photos from around whats left of the base itself. My next post will be from the Weapons Storage Area.

2 responses to “Loring Air Force Base: Cold War Style

  1. I really love abandoned military and government installations like this one. There’s such a sense of emptiness and mystery. Who lived here and what did they do? Why were these buildings constructed this way? It’s like a play where the actors have just walked off and we have to figure out the script based only on the set. Can’t wait to see this series!

  2. Good memories. Nice shot of the “vamp house” as we called it lol.

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