The Expected 9/11 Post

Yep, its that day, 9/11. The day where everybody is zapped back to that moment ten years ago when they got word that planes were flying into buildings. I still remember… I was sitting in my high school sociology class when somebody came in to tell us. Our teacher couldn’t believe it and turned the class TV on in time to watch the second plane fly into the World Trade Center. Now ten years later the whole experience is strange to me. I was a kid in class watching it on TV where I was safe and it couldn’t touch me. But because of what happened so much has changed in the way we see the world and how it sees us. So, it was definitely something to behold when I was there today as part of the White House pool for the Commemoration Ceremony for the National September 11 Memorial.

4 responses to “The Expected 9/11 Post

  1. Hi Kristoffer,

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Perhaps you’ve seen that the third picture here (of Presidents Obama and Bush) is being passed around the internet as ostensibly showing the attitudes of the two men during prayer. I’m wondering if you could shed some light on what was exactly taking place when that photograph was taken, or if you had any comments regarding the context of the image.

    Thanks much.
    -Nick S

  2. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for your comment! I’m more than happy to take a moment to explain the context of the picture. Contrary to what’s being said about it, it was not taken during any sort of prayer. The Presidents came out with their respective First Ladies and walked along the memorial pool to meet up with some families of victims of the attacks. Before meeting with the families they stopped in front of the memorial for a quiet moment before talking with the families. After that quiet moment President Obama stepped out and touched the memorial followed by the First Lady, former President Bush and Laura Bush. I have photos of President Obama looking up and down. I chose the photo in question because it clearly showed the faces of both Presidents and really showed a quiet moment of reflection better than any other frame that I had.

    The first picture in the post is the walk-out and the second picture is the touching of the memorial that happened just after the photo of President Obama looking up and former President Bush looking down.

    I hope this makes sense.


  3. Kris,

    Thanks so much for the insight (and the quick response! It’s amazing to me that I can see a picture taken halfway across the country, find the photographer, and correspond with him over the course of a few hours). I always appreciate hearing “the rest of the story”, so I’m grateful to see what you had to say about the image.

    All the best,

  4. Wow!!!! Yay Nick!!! Grampa says, “only the Lord know what goes on in the hearts of men.” Thanks for asking the question. This is very interesting.

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