Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Cold War Project: The Lost Rolls

Okay, so the film wasn’t really “lost,” just hiding out behind some stuff in my fridge. I was in Connecticut a while back and stopped by a local aircraft museum. When I got back from the trip I tossed the film in my fridge with the intention of dropping it off at the lab a few days later to get processed. A few days turned into about 6 months. But, at last here’s some of the photos from that stop:

A Good Ol’ Fashioned Round-Up

It’s been a pretty busy last few weeks and I’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog. So, here’s a sampling of the last couple of weeks. Everything from the First Lady Gardening, politicians gesturing, a rainy day and excited people in fancy clothes.

Planes N’ Stuff

The Cold War Project continues with a little swing by the aircraft museum outside of Patuxent River Naval Air Station to make some pictures of the planes sitting next to the road.