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This, That and Some Other Stuff

The various winter recesses are coming to an end and things are picking back up here in Washington. Time for another full season of podiums, teleprompters and testimony.


Looking Back: Kodak Goes Bankrupt

The news came today that Kodak has declared Bankruptcy. No a big surprise really, the company has been struggling for years. But, when I heard the news I thought back to a post from the end of 2010 when the end of Kodachrome processing hit. So, here are the images from that post once again.

I’d had four rolls of Kodachrome in my fridge for a long while now. I wasn’t too sure what to do with it until a trip to upstate New York for work came up. So, I decided I would visit Rochester and photograph whats left of the massive Kodak industrial Campus that at its height spanned several square miles. Today many of the buildings have been torn down, sold off to other companies or just left empty. I couldn’t think of a better way to use my last rolls of discontinued and long expired rolls of Kodachrome than to photograph the remains of the place where it came from.