Looking Back: Kodak Goes Bankrupt

The news came today that Kodak has declared Bankruptcy. No a big surprise really, the company has been struggling for years. But, when I heard the news I thought back to a post from the end of 2010 when the end of Kodachrome processing hit. So, here are the images from that post once again.

I’d had four rolls of Kodachrome in my fridge for a long while now. I wasn’t too sure what to do with it until a trip to upstate New York for work came up. So, I decided I would visit Rochester and photograph whats left of the massive Kodak industrial Campus that at its height spanned several square miles. Today many of the buildings have been torn down, sold off to other companies or just left empty. I couldn’t think of a better way to use my last rolls of discontinued and long expired rolls of Kodachrome than to photograph the remains of the place where it came from.

2 responses to “Looking Back: Kodak Goes Bankrupt

  1. Larry Hartlaub

    The world is a changin. Too bad Kodak could not look to the future – too much emphasis on current profits. But maybe they can stay in the printing business. We’ll see. The weeds thru asphalt is nice metaphor. No more Chrome. Scan the slides and put ’em away. Thanks for the posting Kristoffer.

  2. At my work I see Kodachrome all the time. Movies that were filmed in the 1940s look like they were shot yesterday (I’m not exaggerating). The colors in Kodachrome are so lush, it’s unfortunate it was such a pain to process and they discontinued it. I love working with Kodachrome.
    The film you used to take these photographs will last longer than you, and will show future generations the time you lived in (provided you don’t store it in an attic or basement). Unfortunately, your digital photographs probably won’t make it to your 40th birthday.

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