Cold War Goodness: Alameda NAS

Back in January I took a trip out to the San Francisco area from some R&R and to work on my Cold War project. This will be the first of a whole lot of posts with work from that trip as I get it scanned it. The first stop, Alameda Naval Air Station. The base closed in the 90’s and has since been converted into an industrial park and shooting location for Mythbusters.

One response to “Cold War Goodness: Alameda NAS

  1. I live not too far from NAS Willow Grove (Pennsylvania). They closed that a few years ago, and I drove by there recently to find it looking like a ghost town. The weeds have grown over the runway, and the virtual death of the facility was clearly visible. I used to perform some reserve duty there, as well as had an office there when I was a Naval Reserve Recruiter. Knowing the contrast between the life of the facility, and what it looks like today is quite disappointing and discouraging. What an empty feeling to see these facilities this way.

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