Monthly Archives: March 2012

Plant Some Vegetables Y’all

Following on the heels of the Cherry Blossoms every year is the annual planting of the White House Kitchen Garden. Which may just be the most photographed vegetable garden on the planet.


Cherry Blossom Mania

It’s that cherry blossom time of year again. It’s now been exactly 100 years since Japan gifted the trees and some unseasonably warm weather has brought them into peak bloom earlier than most expected.


Celebrity/Entertainment photography is just kind of one of those things. It’s the lifeblood of many photo agencies but it’s not exactly exciting. The pictures that come out of it tend to be more focused on what the subject is wearing than the execution of the photo. Those kind of events also tend to draw the largest crowds of photographers of every stripe and sometimes its a miracle if you can even make a halfway decent photo. My last week or so has almost been completely dominated by the stuff. It’s not exactly my favorite thing in the world, but a gig is a gig is a gig. So, hey, why not post a few.

Cold War Goodness: Castle Air Museum

Here’s some photos from my visit to the Castle Air Museum that’s on the former Castle Air Force Base.

Thank You Lens Blog!

I was very fortunate earlier this week to have some photos from my Post Office Project get featured on the amazing New York Times Lens Blog. I’ve been working on the project for about three years now and I’m absolutely thrilled to see it get some attention along with a very kind write-up. Please stop on by and check it out. And of course, don’t forget to stop by The Post Office Project website.