Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Correspondents Kind Of Dinner

A room full of reporters, Celebrities and the President at the end of the April can only mean its time for the annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner. It just so happened to be my day in the White House pool photographer rotation so I found myself in a front row seat.


Cold War Goodness: Sayonara California

Alrighty, just a few last pictures from my Cold War Project shooting trip to the San Francisco area. These are from a visit to the Pacific Coast Air Museum. Its a pretty small privately owned museum that has a pretty large collection of Cold War aircraft.


It’s Easter time at the White House. Yesterday the First family attended church across the street from the White House and today was the 134th annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn.

Cold War Goodness: In The Clouds

Time for some more images from my Cold War Project shooting in the San Francisco area a few months back. These come from a Integrated Fire Control site on the California Coast a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. The site once housed the radars that were part of the Nike missile system in the area. Its located on top of a mountain range and I have to say, its one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen in a long time.

People Doing Stuff

Its been a pretty busy last week or so, and its been a bit since I’ve last updated the ol’ blog. So here’s a few images that cover everything from the Supreme Court healthcare case to Trayvon Martin to Usher and Bill Clinton.