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That Picture Has Some Legs

Yesterday I was quite surprised to find out that one of my photos from the 9/11 Memorial Commemoration Ceremony at Ground Zero in New York landed on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Shortly after that I started getting word that wasn’t the only front page that it turned up on. I’m completely floored by how much my picture was used. This is by far the most I ever seen one of my photos get picked up.


The Expected 9/11 Post

Yep, its that day, 9/11. The day where everybody is zapped back to that moment ten years ago when they got word that planes were flying into buildings. I still remember… I was sitting in my high school sociology class when somebody came in to tell us. Our teacher couldn’t believe it and turned the class TV on in time to watch the second plane fly into the World Trade Center. Now ten years later the whole experience is strange to me. I was a kid in class watching it on TV where I was safe and it couldn’t touch me. But because of what happened so much has changed in the way we see the world and how it sees us. So, it was definitely something to behold when I was there today as part of the White House pool for the Commemoration Ceremony for the National September 11 Memorial.