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The Accidental Boneyard

In the precious few days I had off between the Republican and Democratic political conventions this year I decided to swing through Georgia for some R&R. I have to admit, my Cold War Project was the last thing on my mind. The RNC had been a week of brutal days and all I could think of was finding a comfortable hotel and sleeping in before the DNC. But while driving up to Atlanta I saw a small brown sign before an exit that said “Air Plane Museum” so I figured why not and got off at the exit. That’s when I found the Museum of Aviation on the corner of Robbins Air Force Base and the overgrown field next to it where they keep planes awaiting restoration or ones for parts. For something I didn’t even know was there, it was a great thing to stumble across.










Loring Wrap Up

Here’s the last bit from my Cold War adventure to Loring Air Force Base. These photos are from some of the surrounding installations around the base that were radar or missile sites.