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Celebrity/Entertainment photography is just kind of one of those things. It’s the lifeblood of many photo agencies but it’s not exactly exciting. The pictures that come out of it tend to be more focused on what the subject is wearing than the execution of the photo. Those kind of events also tend to draw the largest crowds of photographers of every stripe and sometimes its a miracle if you can even make a halfway decent photo. My last week or so has almost been completely dominated by the stuff. It’s not exactly my favorite thing in the world, but a gig is a gig is a gig. So, hey, why not post a few.

Oh Yeah, I Have A Blog

It’s been a very busy last few months in the corporate and news photography worlds for me. It seems in that I completely forgot to update my blog. So, here’s a good mix of stuff and things from the news side. You know, the usual President, Congressional Hearings, Women in lettuce bikini’s serving vegan hot dogs and people coping with 100 plus degree weather.

And You Thought Your Job Has Variety

Working for a small agency means that I have to be able to work in a variety of situations with a wide range of subjects. Yesterday was a great example of that range. I started the day with three Presidents and ended it with a red carpet for the BET Honors.

On Your Right!

Ah yes, another evening of yelling and finding other ways to get the attention of people who I assume to be celebrities so I can take their picture. The joys of the red carpet. But sometimes, I come away with a frame or two that I like.

I’m Still Not Quite Sure What Happened



Oh George

George Clooney came to visit the White House last night.