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Cold War Goodness: Castle Air Force Base

Here’s a few from my visit to former Castle Air Force Base. The base is a few hours south of San Francisco closed around the same time as Alameda NAS. During the Cold War it was a Strategic Air Command B-52 bomber base. Today’s its been turned into an industrial park/ municipal airport. It’s home to one of the largest outdoor aircraft museums I’ve ever seen. Stay tuned for those photos.


Cold War Goodness: More Alameda NAS

Here’s a bit more from my Alameda Naval Air Station Stop.

Cold War Goodness: Alameda NAS

Back in January I took a trip out to the San Francisco area from some R&R and to work on my Cold War project. This will be the first of a whole lot of posts with work from that trip as I get it scanned it. The first stop, Alameda Naval Air Station. The base closed in the 90’s and has since been converted into an industrial park and shooting location for Mythbusters.

Nothing Says Fun Like CPAC

What do you get when you fill a hotel to capacity with the most rabid conservatives you can find?

A whole lotta people standing at podiums.